Monday, December 23, 2013


Today my friends, we are doing a review of the basics of what we know about "Money" "Banking" "Currency" and "Value". 

None of what I'm posting here will come as a surprise to the regular readers of RTS- this is all information that I've been discussing for a long time now.  I am putting out this review because as Maloney in this first video states, it is KNOWLEDGE and  UNDERSTANDING that is the first step to kNOWing and CHANGING- not just the system itself, but changing OURSELVES and WAKING UP  and BEing the Change we wish to see in this world..... and beyond.  It is only by kNOWing that we are able to BE who we are and DO what we are suppose to DO.

....kNOWing is the first step in recognizing our greater purpose.

Please take the time to share this information in your social circles, with friends and family and even your banker.  This is the Silly Season, a time when people are caught up in the money game and commercialism of what was once a reason to get together with family and friends to share the love that we have for them.  Sharing knowledge and understanding is one of the most important things we have to give:  It is free and it comes from the heart with true intent of generosity.

None of these videos or documents are fully complete in their knowledge or the truth, but they give an excellent basis to understanding the basics of how this mess happened in the first place, and are great jump off points to starting a journey to discovery and digging down deeper into the rabbit hole that is all that makes up "government" and "finance".

First up is a video by Mike Maloney- it's actually the fourth video in a series, but it covers some of the most important angles about the Federal Reserve Bank, Banking and derivatives and the fraud perpetuated by the perceived "government" (actually a non-profit corporation), the Federal Reserve Bank, the IRS, and the Banks themselves, where currency/money comes from etc.... (ie: thin air).  One of the most important points that Mike makes is at the 10:44 mark where he outright tells you that YOU are the value.  That Money comes from YOU.  This is a vital first step in UNDERSTANDING YOUR VALUE, and the fraud that has been perpetuated on the people of this planet for even longer than the Federal Reserve has been around.  But I'll get back to that in a moment.... The second video is a cartoon that, while it's slightly flawed due to missing information, is a great educational tool. 

First the videos and an excellent document called: Modern Money Mechanics.  With these pieces of information, you will have the basic understanding of the expanse of the fraud that is perpetuated through all banking.  Once you've watched and read these, I'll expand on that fraud further.

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