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ANNA (the Association of National Numbering Agencies) is pleased to share with the members of the global financial community, an overview of the main topics and key decisions that were addressed/taken during the last ANNA General Meeting, which was held in Rome, Italy, on June 6 & 7, 2013. The meeting was hosted by Banca d’Italia (BdI).

BdI welcomed ANNA and its delegates, and during the first day of the meeting Mr. Claudio Impenna, responsible for the Markets and Payments Systems Supervision Department, gave a keynote speech on the recent trends and challenges of the Italian sovereign bond markets.

Mr. Dan Kuhnel, ANNA Chairman, gave an overview of the activities and key areas managed by the Association’s Board members since the last General Meeting, held in December 2012 in Da Nang City, Vietnam.

A significant part of the meeting was dedicated to presentations and reports on the current status and implementation plans for the diverse standards related to the financial services arena, including ANNA’s positioning vis-à-vis the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI), and an update of the ISO 6166 ISIN Standard revision process.

New National Numbering Agencies joined ANNA: the West Africa Regional Stock Exchange, which represents 8 countries included in the West African Economic and Monetary Union was unanimously accepted as ANNA full member. 

In addition, the Qatar Financial Markets Authority and Trop-X (Seychelles) Limited were accepted as new ANNA Partners. 

With these incorporations, ANNA reaffirms its position as a global industry association, with a presence in excess of 120 countries, comprising a membership of Central Banks, Central Securities Depositories, Data Vendors, Regulators and Stock Exchanges.

Ms. Emma Kalliomaki from The London Stock Exchange (United Kingdom) was reelected in the ANNA Board, after a ballot in which the Central Securities Clearing System Plc (Nigeria) was also standing for election.

The creation of two new ANNA Regional Groups (comprising East and West Asia Pacific countries) was approved, to mirror the success verified with the Latin American Regional Group.

Mr. Dan Kuhnel (Euroclear) accepted to act as initial facilitator of these groups, until official conveners are appointed.

The next Extraordinary General Meeting of the Association will be held in Cancun, Mexico, on November 14 & 15, 2013 hosted by Indeval. A workshop for new ANNA Partners and Members will be held on November 13.


About ANNA
Formed in 1992 under Belgian Law, ANNA (the “Association of National Numbering Agencies”) was created to promote the use of International Securities Identification Numbers (ISINs) as the adopted method of uniquely identify financial instruments. 
ANNA was subsequently appointed by ISO (the “International Organization for Standardization”) as the Registration Authority and Maintenance Agency for the ISIN Standard (ISO 6166).
The Association originally started 22 National Numbering Agencies (NNAs), and twenty years later it comprises more than 110 NNAs.
ANNA has also been approved by ISO as the Registration Authority and Maintenance Agency for the CFI Standard (ISO 10962) in 1995.
Since its foundation, ANNA has been growing constantly, and has always played a key role in the promotion of standards, assisting the financial markets requirements towards a more efficient environment.
ANNA is in permanent contact with different Organizations and Associations related to the Securities Industry, keeping aware of the evolution of the new directives applicable to the market.
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Contact us
ANNA Chairman: Mr. Dan Kuhnel: – (+852) 3966 5623
ANNA Vice Chairman: Mr. Markus Heer: – (+4969) 27 32 242
ANNA Marketing Director: Mr. Martín Paladino: – (+5411) 4317 8952
ANNA Secretariat: Ms. Brigitte Kanneberger / Mr. Uwe Meyer: – (+4969) 27 32 226

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